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Friday, August 20, 2010

Mehndi/Henna Review, and more Mascara Reviews

Mascara Pictures!
Hey Beauties,
So, a few days ago I posted a blog on mascara, but I didn't have my pictures available then so I'm going to show you pictures of the mascara now, its actually a comparison between Estee Lauder Mascara called More Than Mascara the moisture binding formula, and the Lash Blast Mascara by Covergirl. By the way, the Lash Blast I bought with my own money, and the Estee Lauder mascara I got it from their free samples that you can get if you buy a product or products from them. This was a promotion going on a while back I don't know if its still going on, feel free to check it out.
In the pictures, I'm actually wearing the mascara in brown, but it still gives so much length and so much volume even though its not the blackest mascara.

This is the Lash Blast mascara in Brown as you can probably see if you look really close. This is with two coats of Lash Blast. My lashes are naturally long, so they look naturally longer when I put on mascara but this mascara definitely gives more volume than my nature lashes. I would say that the con about this product would be that it clumps, I don't know if you can tell from the picture or not but its clumpy, its not obviously clumpy, but it is clumpy. As well another con of this product is that it flakes, toward the end of the day when its time to take it off or I happen to look into a mirror sometime throughout the day I happen to see some flakes under my eyes. Those are mostly the things I don't like about this product other than that this product is a great lengthening mascara and volumizing (don't know if this is a word lol but it fits in the sentence) the lashes.

This is the Estee Lauder mascara and it is in black, this mascara is really light, it does not feel heavy and it feels light like your not wearing any at all, this picture has about 2-3 coats of mascara, again my eyelashes are naturally long so it does effect what kind of results you will get.  This is the kind of mascara you would wear for a natural makeup look or natural eye look. I would say that the only problem I had with this mascara would be that it flakes just like the Lash Blast. Other than that its a pretty wearable mascara.

Mehndi/ Henna
Check out my Mehndi on my hand that I did myself my hand was a little shaky but I think it came out pretty good.

I used a henna cone that I bought called Supreme Dulhan Mehandi Cone, I bought this at a local indian store, you can get other cones at the indian store too, as well on amazon, I bought this once, and I couldn't find it again, I don't think they still sell it there but you can definetly try going to your local indian or middle eastern store.

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