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Monday, August 16, 2010

Exotic Eyes

Hey Beauties,
Eyes are the windows to your souls, they can capture someones heart so make them BEAUTIFUL and BOLD!!! Now, every girl loves mascara because it gives you long fluttering eyelashes that captures everyones attention, but what mascara is the best, is the question. Well, for you beauties out there who love to try new things. There is a review coming your way on products that I bought with my own money, and they my 100% true and honest opinion on those products. As well there are also some small tips on how to make your eyelashes longs and strong so you can have the bold look you've always wanted.

Covergirl Lashblast Review
This Mascara is AWWWWSSOMMEE!!! If you Beauties out there have not tried this mascara, I don't know what your waiting for because this mascara is ssoooo great. LashBlast features volumized eyelashes like you just put on some false eyelashes! It also curls really, really well. I've had trouble before with other mascara's I used becuase they would not hold curls very well and they would not give the full volumizing effect that I wanted but seriously this is the first mascara that give me so much volume and dramatic eyes. It also has a very creamy formula so it is very buildable (is that even a word lol) two coats per each eye would be great for a daytime look and volumizes your eyes so all you really need for bold eyes is eyeliner, lashblast, and your good to go. But for a night time, going to the club look you would add a few coats more to your eyes and some dark eyeshadow and you will be ready to go!!!  This mascara is also for you beauties who are on a low budget but want high end results. (I think I'm going to write a review for low end product  for you gals who want low priced product with high end quality, let me know if its a good idea). I will show you beauties pictures of my eyes and my friends who will also be doing posts with their favorite products and reviews and so much more.


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